Richard Skipper Celebrates' mission statement is to celebrate artists and their body of WORTH. Richard Skipper is an entertainer, MC, host, Interviewer. His shows stream on Most platforms. Under the guise of Richard Skipper Celebrates, he has conducted over 1000 interviews celebrating people in the arts. August alone Dr. Judi Bloom, Barbara Minkus, Actor and Animal Trainer Bill Berloni, Meg Flather, Valerie David, Mindy Fradkin, Anastasia Barzee, actress and author Gabrielle Stone (Eat, Pray, #FML), and Stephen Rebello (author of Dolls! Dolls! Dolls! about Valley of the Dolls) 

Bi monthly, Richard joins forces with Dr. Bloom to host a bi-monthly show called Creativity In The Age of Covid, the first and third Thursday of each month.   

Richard Skipper Celebrates honors the best In entertainment! Richard has been called a cross between James Lipton and Merv Griffin, with a little Liberace thrown in! Streams LIVE through Richard Skipper Celebrates on Facebook and YouTube. Then available on most podcast platforms

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Also, on the Full Moon of each Month, Richard has a Full Moon Positive Book Club. The next book club will be September 2nd 2PM ET celebrating the Full Corn Moon. Guest is Joanne Zippel from Zip Creative. 

A Few Audience Testimonials about Richard Skipper Celebrates

Richard Skipper, your interview with Meg Flather was such a deeply meaningful interview. You brought yourself to the table in such a giving way to let Meg shine and at the same time we got to see into who you are a little more. I guess vulnerability and love is contagious as that is what Meg bring to the table. Bravo. And yes. I going to buy Meg's book for a facebook friend. Such a great idea that you suggested.
Rosemary Loar, Rutherford NJ

I am Valerie David, the Writer/Performer of The Pink Hulk: One Woman's Journey to Find the Superhero Within, my empowering, comedic drama that chronicles my journey to become a 3-time cancer survivor. I have to say that Richard Skipper is a true superhero in everyone sense of the word. I presented excerpts of my award-winning solo show for the Ludlow Fringe Festival in association with Richard Skipper Celebrates. He was such an incredible moderator and host during my performance, talkback, and Q&A with the audience. He live streamed The Pink Hulk performance on several platforms so audiences had many different ways to tune in, and Richard took care of everything--he even had a special graphic designed for me that was one of the most professional ever created for The Pink Hulk. During the interview portion of our segment, Richard put me at ease like I had never been before. I am always nervous whenever I do a talkback and for the first time, I felt comfortable and relaxed and that was due to Richard's professionalism and care. He took the time to research my career beforehand and asked me questions that I had not ever been asked before that were so thought-provoking for both me and the audience. Richard also took the time to have a run-through earlier in the week to make sure all bases were covered. Richard said to me, "I am taking care of everything, so don't you worry about a thing." And he did! Our collaboration was a pure joy and the best experience. I am truly grateful to him, and proud and honored to call him my friend. Thank you, Richard! For more information on The Pink Hulk, visit https://pinkhulkplay.com/

Thank you Richard Skipper so much for Hosting and Interviewing me for The Smile Revolution with Princess Wow for The UK Ludlow Fringe Festival, on August 29, 2020. You are a wonderful interviewer, and made me feel so relaxed and asked excellent questions. I am very grateful for your huge help with dealing with all the technical aspects as well in bringing my show virtual to the U.K.!
Mindy Fradkin, Newburgh, NY