Richard Skipper Celebrates' mission statement is to celebrate artists and their body of WORTH. Richard Skipper is an entertainer, MC, host, Interviewer. His shows stream on Most platforms. Under the guise of Richard Skipper Celebrates, he has conducted over 1000 interviews celebrating people in the arts. Recent interviews have included Joyce Bulifant, Howard McGillin, Actor and Animal Trainer Brian Michael Hoffman, 7 time Tony Award winning producer Jamie deRoy, Lesley Ann Warren, Karen Mason, Tippi Hedren, Tony Award winner Anthony Crivello, Tony Award winner Donna McKechnie, and actor and animal trainer Brian Michael Hoffman His critically acclaimed and audience pleasing one man show, An Evening with Richard Skipper: From Conway to Broadway The Magic of Believing, tells the story of Richard's life in the theatre from Conway, South Carolina to New York and beyond.  

Richard recently signed with a new management firm, Casting New Lives.  

Richard Skipper Celebrates honors the best In entertainment! Richard has been called a cross between James Lipton and Merv Griffin, with a little Liberace thrown in! Streams LIVE through Richard Skipper Celebrates on Facebook and YouTube. Then available on most podcast platforms

Check out Richard’s new YouTube Channel and especially take a look at his #StayHome campaign in response to the Coronavirus Physical distancing we ALL are experiencing.  

Follow Richard Skipper Celebrates on Facebook and tune in weekly for his live broadcasts, a chance to come together and celebrate each other always positive and upbeat.

And don't forget his website, CallonDolly.com, celebrating all things Hello, Dolly! 

Also, on the Full Moon of each Month, Richard has a Full Moon Positive Book Club. The next book club will be August 3rd 12 Noon ST celebrating the Sturgeon Moon. Guest is Gabrielle Stone, author of Eat, Pray, #FML.

A Few Audience Testimonials about Richard Skipper Celebrates

Richard Skipper has mastered the Art of the Interview! He varies the approach according to his subject, always bringing out the very best in his subject. His easy, familiar style reminds me of the long lost artists in the field of great interviewers. He is always at the top of his game in keeping the audience entertained while getting to the heart of his subject. His signature wish of “ do something kind” always falls on the ears and hearts of a captive audience. Wishing him and all of us many years to come of great interviews.
Joe Brancato, JoeBrancato.com

Sitting outside with a glass of wine on a beautiful summer night and watching Renee Katz on Jim Masters. I would not have known about this if it was not for Richard Skipper. Richard has kept so many of us going through this pandemic and he is SO GENEROUS when it comes to promoting the careers of so many others. His interviews are fantastic! You feel as if you are sitting in the same room! Warm and inviting and relaxed and so RICHARD!! It’s just RICHARD!! He is like a warm slice of apple pie or your favorite blanket and I feel like any one of his followers could reach out and say “Richard I am having a tough day” and Richard would ask how he could help. So in touch with the needs of his followers, his friends, his colleagues. So connected with his fellow artists and aware of what’s important and what needs to be addressed on the daily. Richard is a treasure and has brought the best entertainers/entertainment, the best news, and puts his entire heart into everything he does. You can tell when his fingerprints are on something because it is just ....MAGICAL.
Erin Calev, Dumont NJ

Dear Richard,
So grateful to have Richard Skipper as a friend. I love his positivity and his enormous talent. Everyone needs a Richard Skipper in their life. Thank you for the wonderful opportunity you have given me. I am overwhelmed with gratitude. Keep shining your BRIGHT LIGHT OF LOVE AND HOPE. Warmest Regards

Tess La Bella, tesslabella.com