Happy Holly Daze from Richard Skipper Celebrates. Our mission statement is to celebrate artists and their body of WORTH. Richard Skipper is an entertainer, MC, host, Interviewer. His shows stream on Most platforms. Under the guise of Richard Skipper Celebrates, he has conducted over 1000 interviews celebrating people in the arts.  November alone author Richard Gayzur, Joe Brancato (Penguin Rep), Devanand Janki (Live & In Color), Lori Kaplan (Bratenders, Tym Moss, Elaine Ballace, Miss Richfield 1981, Ray DeForest aka Doris Dear, Luke Yankee, Dori Berinstein, Robert Viagas, Warren Schein, Thomas Quinn (What Do You Do with a Chocolate Jesus?).  Michael Reidel (Singular Sensation), Mindy Fradkin (Princess Wow: The Smile Revolution, Deborah Stone, Christine Bianco, Suede, Adrienne Barbeau, Valerie Smaldone, Nicolas King, James Mapes, Sean Patrick Murtagh, Charlotte St. Martin, and Dana P.. Rowe

Coming up in December: Maggie Cassella, Del Shores, Creativity In The Age of Covid with Dr. Judi Bloom (with special guests Celia Berk, Jennifer Roberts, and Wendy Stuart), Diane J. Findley, Michele Pawk, Marie Wallace, Mark Sendroff, Mark-Alan, James Morgan, Amy Oestreicher, and so many more! Keep checking the Upcoming Events page for upcoming Events

Richard joins forces with therapist Dr. Judi Bloom to host a bi-monthly show called Creativity In The Age of Covid, the first and third Thursday of each month.   

Richard Skipper Celebrates honors the best In entertainment! Richard has been called a cross between James Lipton and Merv Griffin, with a little Liberace thrown in! Streams LIVE through Richard Skipper Celebrates on Facebook and YouTube. Then available on most podcast platforms

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Also, on the Full Moon of each Month, Richard has a Full Moon Positive Book Club. The next book club will be December 29th, The Full Cold Moon with Amy Oestreicher (My Beautiful Detour: An Unthinkable Journey from Gutless to Greatful). 

A Few Audience Testimonials about Richard Skipper Celebrates:

In my career I have done hundreds of interviews. This was very special. Richard Skipper is the perfect host with the perfect questions. He listens. He is interested. He is loving. He understands the creative mind. I would do his show again in a heartbeat. What more can I say?
James Mapes, Westport, CT

Thank you so much, Richard Skipper!. A delightful afternoon spent with you and I absolutely loved the video clips you showed. You truly are a wonderful interviewer. And yes, let's do it again in a year or so when the Grease book comes out! Best, xoL
Adrienne Barbeau, Studio City, CA

Richard Skipper, Your interview with Suede is the first time I have seen your show and believe me it won't be the last. I thought you were so informative, respectful and just great. I was happy to watch the interview with Suede, she is my favorite Diva! I love her and see her whenever I can.
She is the highlight of our visit to Ptown. Thank you for allowing me to have my Suede time through your show. I will be watching for future events. Thanks and Love and Peace

Jill Ulbricht, Ithaca, NY