Welcome to Richard Skipper Celebrates Richard Skipper Celebrates' mission statement is to celebrate artists and their body of WORTH. Richard Skipper is an entertainer, MC, host, Interviewer. His shows stream on Most platforms. Under the guise of Richard Skipper Celebrates, he has conducted over 1000 interviews celebrating people in the arts. September alone Designer David Josef, Judy Umas (The Power of Acknowledgment), fashion guru George Brescia , Alton Fitzgerald White (My Pride: Mastering Life's Daily Performance) , cabaret entertainer Leslie Orofino,  best selling author Vicki Abelson, actress Mary Callanan, lyricist Barbara Carole Sickmen, actress and singer Sally Darling, andLee Roy Reams, Margery Lowe, Sherie L. Seff, and legendary entertainer Sarah Dash! 

Richard joins forces with therapist Dr. Judi Bloom to host a bi-monthly show called Creativity In The Age of Covid, the first and third Thursday of each month.   

Richard Skipper Celebrates honors the best In entertainment! Richard has been called a cross between James Lipton and Merv Griffin, with a little Liberace thrown in! Streams LIVE through Richard Skipper Celebrates on Facebook and YouTube. Then available on most podcast platforms

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Also, on the Full Moon of each Month, Richard has a Full Moon Positive Book Club. The next book club will be October 31st (Halloween), The Hunter Moon with Cynthia Basinet (How To Stay Civil in an Uncivil World) 

A Few Audience Testimonials about Richard Skipper Celebrates

Richard Skipper.... YOUR INTERVIEW WITH SARAH DASH WAS THE BEST INTERVIEW EVER! Every single moment was interesting. Every question, every answer she had…… Sarah's faith and belief in God and her warts was like having her wrap her arms around all of us. And she said just what I say… You are simply the best interviewer out there. I don’t know how you do it. Thanks for the plug. Like Melba Moore would say…… You’re just doing you! Love you,
David Josef,Providence, Rhode Island

What a fun hour it was to chat with Richard Skipper on Richard Skipper Celebrates, reminiscing about the great Madeline Kahn with Sheri Seff and Lee Roy Reams. It was a perfect reunion chat of our "Hello Dolly" tour, and to recall all the wonderful stories of her, her process, and what a beautiful person she was was the perfect birthday celebration for her. Thank you, Richard, for your warmth, enthusiasm, knowledge, and open personality. You are so easy to talk to and you made the hour not only informative for your viewers, but so much fun! And that is how you made it for we guests, as well. You're not only great at what you do, but a doll!! Happy birthday, Madeline, and thanks again for a thoroughly enjoyable hour with you!!
Margery Lowe, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Richard Skipper,
I so enjoyed your show celebrating the life of the magnificent Madeline Kahn! You and your guests were wonderful and I loved Lee Roy Reams' backstage stories. Bravo!!!! xx

Rob Russell, West Palm Beach, FL