Happy New Year  from Richard Skipper Celebrates. First of all, we hope you like our new color theme for the new year. In 2012, we decided to go for the gold! The Best Is Yet to Come. The year began with such promise when Richard sang at The Salon on January 5th. Little did he know that his performing opportunities would be limited to the first two months of the year. A week later found Richard at two holiday parties...Again, little did we know that that would not be an option as the year progressed. There were a few shows that he attended as well including Wendy Scherl at The Laurie Beechman Theatre and Forbidden Broadway at The York Theatre. Richard was also invited to attend Jerry Herman's Memorial in January. Jerry's music was uplifting with an amazing cast kicked off with Marilyn Maye's rendition of It's Today. It felt more like a celebration than a memorial. Speaking of Jerry Herman, Richard was lucky enough to see Carolee Carmello and John Bolton in Hello, Dolly! in Philadelphia just before the theatres shut down. Richard was scheduled to see Meet Me In St. Louis  in March but Covid had other plans. He was also scheduled to see Deborah Stone at Pangea. Also, Karen Mason's Birthday show at Feinstein's 54 Below. Richard has tickets for when she returns. Richard was also scheduled to appear with Pamela Morgan at the Laurie Beechman Theater. Richard was also looking forward to Sister Act at Papermill Playhouse with so many friends in the cast. Richard also did the press for Jennifer Pace. He was at her final appearance on March 10th (also the last time Richard was in Manhattan this year!). Jennifer was booked through May 12th (the second Tuesday of every month). I was also scheduled to see Singin' In The Rain this summer with a full symphonic orchestra.

I also started An Artist's Way Group. . . We were small but mighty! There were 4 additional participants and we met every 9 days for 12 weeks. We enjoyed it so much that we are reconvening on January 10th for 9 weeks. Our next book is Real Artists Don't Starve by Jeff Goins. Get the book and join us. Space is limited so sign up as soon as possible.

2020 became the year of the Livestream performance. One of the first was Michael Urie in Buyer and Cellar. Danny was going to be honored at the Martin Luther King Jr. Center spring gala for all the work he does in Rockland County. It was also the year of the Zoom      Carol O'Shaughnessy also arrived in NY prior to the pandemic affording a wonderful visit and dinner.

Another highlight happened just before Covid, Danny and Richard adopted Bennie, a Maltese which has kept both highly entertained this year.  Richard launched his Full Moon Positive Book Club which falls on the Full Moon of each month with the goal of tying the in-between times with positivity.   The year also began with a series of Richard's Coffee Klatches in which Richard just addressed his friends, family, followers, and fellow artists to address the thoughts running through his mind on any given day.

Richard also appeared on the Mari Mitchell podcast in February. Richard celebrated his birthday and Valentine's Day weekend in the Hamptons in February.  Our mission statement is to celebrate artists and their body of WORTH. Richard Skipper is an entertainer, MC, host, Interviewer. His shows stream on Most platforms. Under the guise of Richard Skipper Celebrates, he has conducted over 1000 interviews celebrating people in the arts.  2020 alone included Julie Budd, Broadway's legal eagle Mark Sendroff, Melissa Manchester, Jana Robbins, husband and wife Jordan Baker and Kevin Kilner, Sue Matsuki and David Sabella (So You Want To Sing Cabaret?), David Josef, Jamie deRoy, Bill Boggs, Donna McKechnie, Brian Michael Hoffman, Anthony Crivello, Howard McGillin, Anastasia Barzee, Joy Lober (last four on behalf of The Broadway Mentors Program), Jaya Jaya Myra , Karen Mason, Gabrielle Stone, Judi Bloom (which led to a bi-monthly series, Creativity in the Age of Covid), Bill Berloni, Meg Flather, Judy Umlas, Leslie Orofino, Barbara Carole Sickman, Sally Darling, Warren Schein, Alexis Hunter (about Joi Lansing), Renee Katz, Robert W. Scneider, Devanand Janki, Elaine Balace, Luke Yankee (re: Eileen Heckert), Christina Bianco, Karen Ziemba, Dana P. Rowe, Katharine 'Kat' Kramer, Michele Pawk, Beth Leavel, Rev. Yolanda, David Maiocco, Beth Lane...and so many others.    

Coming up in January: Barbara A. Malley, Dave McGee aka Dr. MooMoo, Alex Rybeck, Ron Bohmer (on behalf of The Broadway Mentors Program), Nancy Soule, Neva Small, Cathy Fitzgibbon (celebrating Paul Lynde), Brittney Mack, The Rehearsal Club with Cynthia Darlow and Gale Patron, Amy Oestreicher, and so many more! Keep checking the Upcoming Events page for upcoming Events.  

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A Few Audience Testimonials about Richard Skipper Celebrates:

Thank you my dear Richard Skipper! I love you and thank you for making this happen and the absolute best New Years Eve present ever.
You are an incredible man and it is just a testimony to who you are ... your friends including me adore and love you so much!!!
I will never ever be able to thank you for all your love and support.

Tess LaBella, Florida

Thoroughly enjoyed being interviewed by Richard Skipper on his show celebrating the 88th Anniversary Of Radio City and Rosie Novellino-Mearns book Saving Radio City Music Hall. Guests Rosie and Josh Ellis just happened to be friends, which added to the fun. Richard does an excellent job as host and producer, asking very interesting questions and is very well prepared. I've seen other shows he's done and they were all insightful and entertaining.
Lawrence Leritz, NYC

Richard Skipper's interview with James Curtis was just wonderful. I just read and loved his book on Spencer Tracy, and Richard did a fabulous job helping him shine while shedding light on Tracy's story. I've been looking for a good book on Buster Keaton so I was delighted to hear his is coming soon. Thanks for such an enjoyable event. Bravo!
John Kenrick, Morristown NJ