June Is Bustin' Out All Over and It Is Gay Pride Month!

"I eat 'no' for breakfast." ~Kamala Harris 

Happy June! There's no corking me during this period; my energy is exuberant, bouncy and full of fun.  LGBT Pride Month – All of my celebrations this month will reflect that. This month is about celebrating artists with total inclusion and highlighting those artists...from all walks of life... that are worthy of celebration . I encourage all of you to stop and smell the roses this month.There are many national days in June to celebrate, and I'm excited to celebrate them all with you! I hope that this is an easy month for you. See, there is so much to celebrate if you choose to do so. We are rising again. . . Bigger Brighter Better!  I keep looking at all the beautiful things around me and I'm captivated by all the beauty. I, however, CHOOSE to see the beauty. Sign up for an online course or anything you can do to keep your art flowing. Let go of the known and step into your destiny.  

Continuing with my daily gratitude for the people in his life, all this month, he is going to celebrate the people in his life for whom he is grateful and who inspire him. Follow me on Facebook and keep up to date in real time with all that I do. This month, I'm focusing on the book Shine! Stories to Inspire You to Dream Big, Fear Less, & Blaze Your Own Trail.

My optimism and enthusiasm actually has increased during the course of this past year. My faith has been tested but I do believe the outcome will be positive -- that is, by the end of all this searching, I hope to have a better understanding of the meaning of life. I’m a big thinker and tend to have a wealth of knowledge and opinions about a wide variety of subjects. Ask yourself all month, What is that special thing I'm here to do?   

I started May with my interview with Alan Mercer  and ended the month with Loren Smith. AND I celebrated many in between! Too many to mention here, but I will mention that I was lucky to celebrate Aldo Scrofani and I was celebrated by Murray Schwartz (ceo of Merv Griffin Enterprises, author of Red Mill: It's Not How You Start, It's How You Finish). All of the interviews are archived on Richard Skipper Celebrates on YouTube. Please tune in this month as I celebrate Matt Koke from the Rockland County Pride Center, Seth Sikes as we celebrate Judy Garland, Fire Island, and more. I'm thinking of starting a Richard Skipper Celebrates Round table.Keep checking the Upcoming Events page for updates.  

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A Few Audience Testimonials about Richard Skipper Celebrates:

"Richard! What a wonderful time I had speaking with you. I don't know which to thank you for first: the generous invitation to be on your program, your friendliness, or your asking such excellent, spot-on questions. It was a major treat for me to discuss my book SCREENED OUT with you. My heartfelt thanks, then, to you for making it all such a terrific experience for me. Hope we can do it again. All the best--and Happy Pride!"
Richard Barrios

"Richard, what a wonderful show you host. You certainly do it right.You are so warm and engaging, and the video you played of my new ep album was just amazing.I never got bored with the questions because they were intelligent and well thought out. Most of all I thank you for the invite to be on your show.
Peace and love, Freda Payne

"Being a guest on Richard’s show is an absolute treat. Great, thoughtful, intriguing questions. Terrific follow up questions. He prepares beautifully so you feel you’re talking to someone who knows and genuinely cares about his subjects. Obviously a great theatre personality in his own right, Richard is an absolute pleasure to chat with. Thanks for having me!"
DAR (David Andrews Rogers), Palm Springs CA

"Thank you Richard, for the absolutely delightful hour we spent together chatting away, expounding, philosophizing, gossiping. You ask great questions and made me think about some parts of my life I had not visited maybe EVER! You are a great interviewer and a charming, charming man. Bravo, you!
Gratefully, Amanda McBroom

"Being a guest on Richard's wonderful show means truly being a Guest. You feel as if you've entered a home full of warmth, with a host who is a terrific listener, an outstanding conversationalist, and above all someone who is empathetic to those around him. I'm delighted to have the chance to salute his tremendous body of worth."
Steven C. Smith, Los Angeles, CA

"BRichard, Thank YOU so much for having me as a guest on your wonderful show! What a total and pure joy it was to spend an hour with you. I feel like we are old friends now! You made being a guest on your show so easy and stress free. I have already seen many people that I adore on your show and I look forward to seeing many more! Continued success always! YOU SHINE!"
Alan R Mercer, FT. Worth, TX