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Richard Skipper is an Interviewer, Entertainer, MC, and Host. He has conducted over 1000 interviews with his warm, friendly, never gossipy and engaging style. You can watch the interviews here:

"Thank you Richard, for the absolutely delightful hour we spent together chatting away, expounding, philosophizing, gossiping. You ask great questions and made me think about some parts of my life I had not visited maybe EVER! You are a great interviewer and a charming, charming man. Bravo, you!"
Gratefully, Amanda McBroom

"My career has spanned from the first day of the MERV GRIFFIN SHOW to his last after twenty five years of broadcasting. So, I think I know a thing or two about interviews. Richard Skipper is in the league of the best of the best. Unlike today's many talk shows,, Richard has the the instinctive ability to make his guests the star. It's the true sign of confidence. I so appreciated Richard's research, his deep thinking questions about my life and career. His love and joy of the entertainment industry is infectious. Thanks so much for your support, and but even more...yours—"
Murray Schwartz, CEO Merv Griffin Enterprises.

"Richard comes prepared to all whom he celebrates with detailed research of what we do. He provides a wonderful time for every artist, I'm sure, and he certainly provided one for me".
Tovah Feldshuh

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